Note that one can transition kits to the much healthier wet food (and then
healthy wet food, as opposed to Friskies, which is great for getting cats
to eat anything) by adding in a little of the desired stuff at a time while
subtracting the old stuff.   Cats are instinctually fussy about food for a
good evolutionary reason.   You can also putting really smelly bonito
flakes or tuna water on things they may otherwise not eat.   I also use
freeze-dried liver or salmon or chicken or beef (from save sources, not
China), because it smells so strong.   The nose is the gateway to a cat's

Is there a way the vet can detect these possible lesions mentioned by

The other Kathryn (call me Kathy).

On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 7:31 PM, Kathryn Green <> wrote:

> THANK YOU!  I will bring that possibility up w/the vet.  In talking to
> him on the phone he has come up with a few possibilities but I will
> see what he thinks.  I also notice that Oz is VERY leery of brooms.
> Will even stop eating his morning canned food and run for shelter if I
> start sweeping around his litter pan on the far side of the room.  And
> unlike Miss Kitty, Oz LOVES his canned food treat.   I have to wonder
> if he hasn't been clobbered/chased with a broom more than a few times.
> Kat
> wrote:
> RE:  Oz and his rear end.  I had a stray that never wanted his rear
> end touched.  He died from urinary tract obstruction.  The vet was
> upset that he could not find anything to cause it so he did an
> autopsy.  He found adhesions all over inside his body, the kind that
> come from being kicked across a room, very hard.  He was a beautiful
> champagne color Persian with the most loving personality.  Maybe Oz
> has some adhesions ?
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