Good idea and possible option. Will see what it takes to put some together
and try it for my outdoor dogs.

Bonnie Hogue <> wrote:

Taking off on your idea for cat beds:

My mom used to make little “rice bags.”  They are about 12”x10” but I think
you could make other sizes.  Create a bag, fill it with rice, leave room so
it is “squishy” rather than firm, sew up the corner.  You can put a cover
on or not.  Then, on a cold night, microwave the bag (3-4 mins depending
upon your microwave oven) and you have a thing that stays nice and warm for
hours.  We use them for our feet on a cold night.  My aunt used to put them
out for her feral yard cat, in a box, to keep the kitty warm.  She said the
cat used to wait for them by the door on a cold night.


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It's my way of avoiding my insect phobia.  I turn them into "people" and
imagine what they would think in any given situation.

On another note:

Jo-Ann Stores is having a 50% off sale on fleece and flannel.  Do you know
anyone who can sew?  I'm two left hands and 10 thumbs but someone who can
sew could probably make some nice cat snuggle beds and pillow covers for
cats or kids or whatever.  You can get their discount coupon emails at
jo-ann@email.joann.comand they will add you to their email list.

*Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
neighbors too!*


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Never having seen a scorpion laughing, I am kindof sorry I missed that.


P.S.  I am right on the cusp of  libra and scorpio..... October 23.  I
still would have squished the sucker.  He attacked first!

On 12/2/12, Lee Evans <> wrote:
> Brown scorpions are the nasty type.  I was zapped by a regular generic
> scorpion.  I'm idiotically superstitious. I was born at the end of
> Scorpio.  I wouldn't harm a scorpion for anything.  Really bad luck. So I
> walked away from the encounter yowling and the scorpion walked away
> laughing.
> Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
> neighbors too!

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