I know of a salve that would possibly get rid of the tumor.  If you want, I 
will recommend you to this group.  I have used this salve on a questionable 
"old age" spot on my left wrist.  It is gone now.  Many people in the group 
have used it.

---- Nancy Denison <nancydeni...@fpunet.com> wrote: 
> Does anyone know of some spare interferon omega that may be available in the
> US?  I have a 3 legged cat that has just been diagnosed with a fibro sarcoma
> tumor related to vaccinations.  This tumor is in her last remaining rear
> leg.  I've contacted people in England but the price is so exorbitant  and
> there would be more product than I need.  I have been a part of this group
> for 4 years when I rescued a FELV kitten.  She lived for 4-1/2 years, I just
> lost her a couple of months ago.  But I remembered that interferon is also
> used for FELV cats so I was thinking maybe someone had some left over that
> they may consider selling.  
> Nancy
> Fayetteville, TN
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