A raw diet would be good, but with 26 cats I just can't do it.  
Too expensive and too much work for my ancient self!

The kittens are better now with Albon and Kaolin.


On 12-06, Tracey Shrout wrote:
>    Have you tried a raw diet for them? It's worked for me on many kitties.
>    Diarrhea goes away almost instantly. I had one who had it severely
>    also, the raw diet is the only thing that cured her. I believe it saved
>    her life. Antibiotics can contribute to the diarrhea as you probably
>    know. Feed them good food and they'll need no meds! Wish you luck.
>    Catinfo.org and [1]catnutrition.org or buy it from Felines Pride.com.
>    Tracey

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