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Thids kind is always the greatest lover once they learn to trust. When they look into your face they are the most beautiful cat ever becuse of thelove on both sides.

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Poor baby. I'm so glad he has such good care at the end of his life.

I have one like that -he lived outside for 15 years. Then my neighbor moved into a nursing home & just abandoned him. He wouldn't let anyone touch him. Feral as could be. Now he is inside & loves to be held - he only has 2 teeth, FIV+, crumpled ears, & many battle scars from living so long on the streets, but I think he is perfect.


Don't Litter, Fix Your Critter!

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OK, it is official.  Oz has had "multiple" trauma (traumas?)

His hips, right leg and end of spine (tailbone?  Forgot to ask) ave
all received injury/damage, some multiple times.  Vet says still hard
to say his age with no teeth, but some of the scarring is thick and
probably been around a long time. Oz is a Sr citizen and has joint
problems. He will be on pain meds (as will the vet probably after this
last exam!)   And probably anti-inflammatory soon.

Because of the FIV he still has some eye seepage but cough and
sneezing are much less so he looks and acts a lot better tho still a

Miss Kitty snuck out once so far and was more than a bit miffed when I
caught her and brought her back in.  Has no sense of humor that Miss

The story continues............

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RE:  Oz and his rear end.  I had a stray that never wanted his rear
end touched.  He died from urinary tract obstruction.  The vet was
upset that he could not find anything to cause it so he did an
autopsy.  He found adhesions all over inside his body, the kind that
come from being kicked across a room, very hard.  He was a beautiful
champagne color Persian with the most loving personality.  Maybe Oz
has some adhesions ?
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