Love it. That's the only possible attitude to have for our fur babies. If
you have to explain to anyone they will never understand anyway so we just
have to go with it. We know what we're doing and there isn't a darned thing
skewed about our priorities!


Lee Evans <> wrote:

A couple of comments: any cat with URI will have teary eyes and it may last
for almost a month, unless treated with antibiotic ophthalmic drops or
ointment.  So it really doesn't have anything to do with the cat's FIV

My cats have a very fastidious habit of perching on the edge of the litter
box, like owls perching on tree branches.  However, since most of my cats
are of normal or porcine weight, over goes the litter box and I come in to
a room I just cleaned and scrubbed to find pine pellets and dust
everywhere, not to mention whatever the cat had put into the litter box in
the first place.  All over the floor.  Aside from switching to clay litter
and filling the box with 50 lbs. of the stuff, anyone have any idea about
the "tip-over" problem?

My last comment is this:  anyone just happening onto this list and reading
some of the posts would think that we are a bunch of lunatics having a bad
hair day.  Litter scattered all over, cats ordering us around, plastic and
metal furniture, beds covered with plastic sheeting, disposable sofas?
Until you have actually met a cat close up and personal, you don't
understand.  Then when you have, this all makes a lot of sense.

Have a good holiday everyone. Put the Christmas Tree in the garage, away
from the cats and use battery operated  Hanukkah candles.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
neighbors too!

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