Most of my boxes are high and covered.  keeps down litter tracking.  I like the 
idea of using velcro, especially for watr bowls.  we don't swim in them but 2 
like to paw at the water and flip it all over the floor.  Thank God I hav 
quarry tile floors, just grab some paper towels or a mop.  Come to think of it, 
toys do get moved all over th house.  May try it on thm also.

---- Kathryn Green <> wrote: 
> Sounds strange but I have found that industrial strength double sided
> Velcro works great for keeping things like scratch posts, dishes.
> (especially water dishes they like to swim in), toys that require energetic
> search/play and.........litter boxes, in place on laminate, hardwood,
> linoleum floors.
> Kat
> If things are ever dislodged I clean litter, fur, dirt, etc off the Velcro
> with a flea comb and stick it back on.
>   *From:* Lee Evans <>
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> *Sent:* Wednesday, December 12, 2012 1:09 PM
> *Subject:* Re: [Felvtalk] Cat in Ohio needs home
>  A couple of comments: any cat with URI will have teary eyes and it may
> last for almost a month, unless treated with antibiotic ophthalmic drops or
> ointment.  So it really doesn't have anything to do with the cat's FIV
> status.
> My cats have a very fastidious habit of perching on the edge of the litter
> box, like owls perching on tree branches.  However, since most of my cats
> are of normal or porcine weight, over goes the litter box and I come in to
> a room I just cleaned and scrubbed to find pine pellets and dust
> everywhere, not to mention whatever the cat had put into the litter box in
> the first place.  All over the floor.  Aside from switching to clay litter
> and filling the box with 50 lbs. of the stuff, anyone have any idea about
> the "tip-over" problem?
> My last comment is this:  anyone just happening onto this list and reading
> some of the posts would think that we are a bunch of lunatics having a bad
> hair day.  Litter scattered all over, cats ordering us around, plastic and
> metal furniture, beds covered with plastic sheeting, disposable sofas?
> Until you have actually met a cat close up and personal, you don't
> understand.  Then when you have, this all makes a lot of sense.
> Have a good holiday everyone. Put the Christmas Tree in the garage, away
> from the cats and use battery operated  Hanukkah candles.
> Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
> neighbors too!
>   **
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