RE:  water bowls, mine don't swim in them, they pat the water and throw it out, 
run or slide into bowl .  I hve fountain in kitchen surrounded by sponge to 
soak up the spills.  i thought it was leaking so bought a new one.  took it out 
on deck to test it.  it didn't leak.  man time someone slide into new one  and 
knocked half of th water out.

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> Hey this subject line has been going on for a month.  
> We need to change the subject to reflect new topics.
> On 12-12, Kathryn Green wrote:
> >    Sounds strange but I have found that industrial strength double sided
> >    Velcro works great for keeping things like scratch posts, dishes.
> >    (especially water dishes they like to swim in), toys that require
> >    energetic search/play and.........litter boxes, in place on laminate,
> >    hardwood, linoleum floors.
> > 
> >    Kat
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