My kitchen has a center island.  Cats like to jump from the top of the 
refrigerator to the island.  Most make it nicely but Buttons, my 200 pound 
porker took a flying leap, skidded across the entire counter.  The look on his 
face was one of shear terror as he went over the edge and splashed down in the 
water bowl.  Then he walked away with as much dignity as a soaking wet cat 
could muster. After that incident, I changed the location of the water bowls to 
under the outcrop of the island so if someone slides off the edge, he/she won't 
land in the drink.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>RE:  water bowls, mine don't swim in them, they pat the water and throw it 
>out, run or slide into bowl .  I hve fountain in kitchen surrounded by sponge 
>to soak up the spills.  i thought it was leaking so bought a new one.  took it 
>out on deck to test it.  it didn't leak.  man time someone slide into new one  
>and knocked half of th water out.
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