thanks for the info beth i am in the process of getting my cats vaccinated they 
are 3,5,6yrs old i have read that the older ones might have built up immunity 
from the viruses thanks for responding 

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Hi Mike -

Thanks for taking this guy in. Mixing cats is a pretty frequent question. You 
may want to search the archives for "mixing".
1st I would recommend having your FeLV cat retested in 6 months. Sometimes 
there are false positives, & sometimes(though rarely) they can throw the virus 
off. You could also get the cat tested on an IFA, which is a blood test which 
is sent out to a lab. If determines if the virus is circulating in the bone 
marrow. If the IFA is positive, there is no need to retest. Cats with a 
positive IFA will not throw the virus off. Your vet should be able to explain 
the protocol to you.

I mix my FeLV & non-FeLV cats freely. They all eat & drink from the same bowls. 
 I have been doing this for over 10 years, & none of my non-FeLV cats have ever 
turned positive. I have even
 had FIV+ cats living with the FeLV+ cats, & they have never caught the virus 
(I do re-test my non FeLV's, so I know this to be true)
You do need to keep him separate from your other cats until your cats are fully 
vaccinated ( 1st vaccine, booster vaccine, & wait at least 10 days after last 
vaccine) before mixing.
2 of my previous vets recommended vaccinating my non-FeLV cats every 6 months, 
instead of every year. Currently I just vaccinate yearly.
Right now I have 5 FeLV+ cats, 1 FIV+ cat, & one who is just a normal, healthy, 
13 year old who is not positive for anything.


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Subject: [Felvtalk] felv+ cat living with 3 negative cats

hi i am new to felvtalk i was wondering if anybody has experience with felv+ 
cats living with other cats i been feeding a stray for about a year i finally 
got him to the vet to get neutered and he tested positive i am getting my other 
cats tested and vaccinated they tested negative the stray is indoors now he 
likes it indoors i dont feed from same bowl they use different litter boxes 
they get along do not really socialize with him  he is a good cat really cant 
be separated from the others thanks for imput mike
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