KG, very well said...I wholeheartedly agree!

On Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 11:51 AM, KG BarnCats <> wrote:

> Hi,
> For several years I have primarily fed home made raw to my horde of cats
> (FELV + separated) and dogs, and have never had any food related problem
> whatsoever.  They are in wonderful condition. I do mix in some fish as a
> treat every week or so, but it is canned tuna, mackerel, or sardines (all
> in water, not oil).  I carefully follow a balanced recipe with no grains,
> starches, veggies.
> I make a point of being very well read on the publicized risks but I think
> they are very overstated - after all, raw is what cats evolved to eat over
> millions of years.  Their digestive systems are short and acidic.   Most
> vets are poorly trained on nutrition and much of that training comes via
> the pet food industry, which makes a bundle selling biologically
> inappropriate grain laden, carb heavy, overproccessed, overpriced crap.  Of
> course they fear-monger about raw food, even for cats with perfectly
> healthy immune systems.  As if dry food hasn't been proven to have frequent
> contamination with salmonella etc.  No human has ever been shown to catch
> disease from raw food, but there are loads of cases of people getting it
> from commercial pet food.  And that doesn't even begin to address the
> factors of salivary enzymes as the cat gnaws chunks of meat/bone, or the
> enzymes and nutrients destroyed by the disgusting rendering process, or the
> plastic and filth cooked in with the often rancid ingredients.  Or the risk
> of tainted ingredients. Or the fact that cats are far less healthy overall
> than they were 50 years ago... just research the huge jump in diabetes,
> obesity, kidney disease, cancer, etc.  Why do most cats now routinely die
> in their early teens at best, when they used to live so much longer?  Why?
> If one believes that fresh, natural food is better for people than
> processed food, then why treat animals any different?  I believe sick or
> immunocompromised animals need more nutrition, not less.  They need the
> best quality food possible, and I think that is the food they evolved to
> eat.   I wish I could feed whole prey, but it's unaffordable.  On the other
> hand, homemade raw is made with far better ingredients yet costs so much
> less than commercial food - about 35 cents a day.
> Which do you trust more?  Millions of years of mother nature's success, or
> the money-motivated pet food industry?
> Ok, getting off soapbox now.  :)
> Kg
> On Saturday, March 16, 2013, Maryam Ulomi <> wrote:
> > Hi Carrie,
> > I am so sorry to hear about your kitties. And I am praying they get
> better very soon.
> > I had put a post up asking the group about raw food for FeLV cats but no
> one responded or commented about using that for their cats.
> > I have read that for FeLV cats it might be a hazard because their
> systems cannot withstand any challenges from parasites.
> > Also I have read that seafood is not recommended for FeLV cats so I do
> not feed any seafood to mine.
> > I am trying to find a holistic vet to start my FeLV cat on a special
> diet but it's always best to be in contact with a vet when starting the
> home cook diet or a raw diet.
> > If the cats are sick l would take them to vet so they can be treated
> right away, with FeLV early prevention is the best policy.
> > Hope this helps, please send an update soon.
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> > On Mar 15, 2013, at 23:45, Carrie Rosenblatt <>
> wrote:
> >
> > hi. I saw this online - and wondered what you found out about raw food
> for FeLV cats. I had one at my apt for a night, and gave him homemade food,
> which was made with raw meat, but no pieces of meat was in what I gave him,
> just the grains and tuna and supplements, but I was wondering if the juice
> or residue from the raw meat could have hurt him, as he is very sick and
> getting worse.
> > cr
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