I realize this is not a FELV+ question but this group has such wide experience and helped so much with Dixie, I just have to try.

I have a very thin 8 year old cat who is almost impossible to vet. She has lived in Mom's garage since she was a day old. Recently she has gotten thin and appears cold. I have heat lamps, a cat heating pad, Snuggle Safes and rice bags for her on top of rubber maid totes. I can't be sure what she is eating but there is always food available and I've added Pet Tinic to the mix. She has two cats who hang out with her. They have all been neutered/spayed. Tommy has had weight/ cold issues for at least 8 weeks. She acts ok most of the time but there have been days that she looked like she was ready to leave this world. I am trying chcken livers and anything else I canthink of for iron. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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