>For interferon alpha, you might try Roadrunner Pharmacy in Phoenix, AZ.
>Not sure on the price, but I know it's better than we used to pay when
>we bought interferon from the vet. LTCI is available directly from the
>company, but a licensed vet needs to purchase. 

  I recently ordered Interferon Alpha from RoadRunner, and paid about $42 for 
two months worth. I asked for a strength of 120 mgs/ml, as Gribble is not very 
co-operative, and a .25 ml dose is less for him to spit out. So far, so good. 
He starts his second "on" week on Saturday. He's also getting DMG, B complex, 
and Lysine, for a URI that keeps hanging on. He will start ImmunoRegulin next 
week, I think.

  Sadly, I'm currently away from him so can't say first hand how he's doing, 
but he has improved since his diagnosis.

All the best,


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