Your dilema is similar to mine. I have 15 cats at home who are all FelV
negative, and 12 cats in my shelter/sanctuary.  Some of these cats are 
FelV positive and are all together because I did not know they were pos.
when I took them in. Anyway, several of the young ones died at less than
a year old, but two are over 5 years old and no symptoms yet. These two
are totally feral, and hide so I cannot catch them to have them retested.
I have had several others retested and most are negative even tho they
have been with the FelV cats for many years with no vaccinations for
FelV.  Older cats seem to have much less chance of acquiring the virus
than kittens, and I was very interested that your vet said there was 
no point in vaccinating the others, and to test them only if needed.


> On 04-18, Margo wrote:
> First, I would like to offer heartfelt condolences to those who have lost
> their Fur kids. Even when you know it is inevitable, it is always far too
> soon.
>  I have a problem which involves m FeLV boy. I'll try to keep it simple.
>   Gribble has been with me for over a year. He lives with 6 other cats.
>   When I first found him, he tested - for FeLV/FIV. He has recently tested
>   positive (FeLV only) after a health crisis. At the time my Vet felt that
>   there was no point in vaccinating the rest of the bunch he lives with,
>   but will test as/if needed.

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