My Nitnoy started laying around and not eating much.  Turned out she had 
blocked and infected anal glands.  Might check them out.

---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> Several of my FelV cats started out lethargic and then progressing on to
> sickness.  However this does NOT mean your kitty is getting worse.  She may
> just be having an off day and feeling tired.  Check her gums for anemia. Are
> they nice and pink or more grayish white?  Is she eating & drinking?  If she
> is not better by Monday I'd take her to the vet.  With sick FelV cats it is
> best to catch problems early.  The retrovirus cannot be cured but other
> problems resulting from weakening of the immune system can usually be cured.
> Lorrie
> On 04-19, Maryam Ulomi wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> > Need some advice and help.
> > Kitty, our 10 months old FeLV positive cat is wonderful, very active and 
> > playful.
> > Since last night, she has been laying out more than usual and today she 
> > spent most of the day just laying on the bed and not being very active.
> > Are these signs I really need to be concerned about or just a little 
> > tiredness?
> > It's Friday and I would hate for her to deteriorate over the weekend,
> > 
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