What becomes of these FelV cats you foster?  Do you do like I do and
just keep them until they die or have to be euthanized?  I lost three
FelV kittens in 2 months and it was heartbreaking. Now the last of this
litter just turned one year old and she seems fine, but I watch her
every day and never know how long I'll have her. I have several others
who were exposed or actively have the virus, but they are still doing
fine, but I look at them every day and wonder how long I'll have them. 


On 04-23, Beth wrote:
>    No, I have never seen one throw the virus off.
>    I think fostering the FeLV cats is probably easier than fostering
>    healthy cats, actually. I have done that plenty of times, too. At least
>    I don't have to deal with constantly getting attached to cats only to
>    have them adopted out & I don't have to deal with kittens, which can be
>    so much work.
>    Beth

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