Glad to hear your little Ember is doing okay!  I know she was having a hard
time last week.



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It's always a good idea to discuss any symptoms with Raja's vet. They may
want to refer you to a veterinary ophthalmologist or other specialist just
to confirm that nothing else is going on.


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Thank you so much for the quick answer, Lance. It's wonderful to have

that worry alleviated so soon.


I will try those foods, and the web site. I've seen Tiki Cat, and it does

look delicious!


Thanks again-Chris C.



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My FeLV+ girl has anisocoria (uneven pupils). We noticed that one had
changed quite a bit about four years ago. I've never read anything about it
indicating the progress of the disease.  


I highly recommend Tiki Cat's two chicken formulas. Ember is addicted. It's
definitely not cheap, but it seems to be high quality food. It's probably
easier to find Fancy Feast Classic Chicken Feast, which was recommended to
me here by Christiane. The ingredients might not be great, but it's very
appealing to them.


This site has some good ideas:


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I am fostering to adopt two positive cats for our Animal Shelter,

so as I said in my intro, I am new at this.


I just noticed today that Raja has uneven pupils. I know this is

not uncommon for these cats, but I was wondering if it is a

random thing that happens, or if it is indicative of the stage

she is in, or anything else.


Any good tips on getting her to eat more? I've tried different

dry and wet foods. She has lost a pound in 2 weeks, and was

small to begin with.


Thanks so much!

Chris C.

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