Adult FELV cats are less of a heartbreak as a lot of times they can live to an 
old age, just scare you every time they get an infection, get off their feed, 
etc.  Annie is one of those, minor things come up, I run to the vet and he 
grins and says "It is just an ordinary runny nose".  Of course, I never know 
for sure until he looks at her.  With Nitnoy, she was just at 1 year, it was 
different.  A coon bit off all but 3-4" of her tail before she got to me, she 
was very small and frightened.  She never felt secure and I think that 
contributed to her early death from compacted anal glands which became 
infected.  I learned.  Now I check everyone's glands at least once a week.  
That is the way it goes, we learn from experience and maybe by the time we die, 
we will know everything there is to know.  In the meantime, we give them love 
and a safe place to live and they give us more love than we know what to do 
---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> Gary,
> Re: your comment on being slightly pregnant, thanks for a much needed 
> chuckle.  Yes, taking in FelV+ cats and kittens is not for everyone. 
> It is usually quite heartbreaking, but Zoloft helps!!
> Lorrie
> On 05-11, wrote:
> > Lorrie,
> > 
> > Sorry for your loss.  I also sanctuary FeLV+ cats and find that if it is 
> > contracted as a kitten, at least 70% will pass before their first birthday. 
> > I have one I got when he was about 4 months and he is now almost 5 years 
> > old.  I have a mother and two of her kittens that all tested positive and I 
> > have had them for 4 years.  Just lost a couple I got as adults had them for 
> > 3 and 4 years.  Sometimes they go very quickly and sometimes not.  People 
> > ask me how I can do this, I just say how can I not.  It is definitely not 
> > something for everyone though.
> > 
> > There may still be a bit of controversy about "slight positives" but I 
> > think it is like a pregnancy test, you can't be slightly pregnant.
> > 
> > Gary
> > 
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