I've seen it listed at Chewy.com;


and at Wags;


Too much fish for my FLUTD guys.


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>Where do you get Tiki Cat?  I have never seen it at Petsmart.
>---- Lance <lini...@fastmail.fm> wrote: 
>> I may have discovered something that Ember likes even more than FF. Tiki Cat 
>> has two chicken formulas, and she adores both of those. I'm feeding her a 
>> 2.8 oz can a day, along with as much of a can of a different brand of food 
>> as she'll eat. 
>> On Apr 23, 2013, at 11:07 AM, Christiane Biagi <ti...@mindspring.com> wrote:
>> > Sometimes, you can mix in a little of another food w. the FF… Just a 
>> > little, though—they figure it out and then turn up their noses! LOL
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