At least they have had a year of good care and lots of love, more than they 
would have had otherwise.

---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> I was optimistic enough to believe a slight positive meant the cat might be
> throwing off the virus....... Not so.  My cat, aged 10 months, whose 2nd
> Elisa test was a slight pos. died as did all his other litter mates who were
> FelV pos. The vet says they probably got the virus from their mother, as
> they were feral rescues.  I have a FelV sanctuary and it is heart breaking
> work. I give them as good a life as I can, with no cages, but they rarely
> live longer than a year..
> Lorrie
> On 05-11, Sharyl wrote:
> >    It can be confusing.  Hopefully this chart will help
> >    [1]
> > 
> >    The IFA test will not show up as positive until the virus has moved to
> >    the bone marrow.  I have no idea what a slight positive means.  Wish
> >    vets wouldn't use that.  Can you do the ELISA again in 60-90 days?
> > 
> >    Sharyl
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