I have a question about vaccines against FeLeuk itself.
I have read that they are not entirely effective, at least
not in their current form. Any thoughts?

I mean the ones you give your non-positive cats when
mixing with those who actually have it.

Thanks-Chris C.

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  .      Good morning,
  >             Do the ones who go outside have possible contact with other 
cats? If they were vaccinated against panleukopenia after 20 weeks of age, and 
had at least one booster after a year, I would probably forego future vaccines, 
except for the one manated by law in most places (rabies). You could even ask 
your Vet for a rabies waiver for the older cats. Some will, some won't, and in 
some places it's not legal, but it's worth asking :)

  I would avoid vaccinating the + cat.


  Sorry, somehow I missed the part about little contact with strays, so I'd be 
comfortable with discontinuing vaccines for the oldest cats if they had a 
series  previously. The risk for your others would be mostly for the URIs (RC+C 
of the FVRCCP), which aren't usually fatal, and I think require cat-cat contact 
to transmit. Depending on when they were last vaccinated, I would probably do 
one more with panleuk, as that can remain active in the soil for years. The 
panluek vaccine is very effective (and I believe for life), but I haven't seen 
any actual documentation of more than 7 years trials.

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  >>I have a question re vaccinations>   I have 2 15 year olds, one never goes 
out, she is terrified of outside and the other goes down on the ground to potty 
and then back to the deck for a snooze in the sun.  Another 8 year old goes out 
very little and another tht stays on the deck.  Do they need vaccinations?  
FELV they need as I have 1 positive cat, but do they need the others as their 
chances of contracting anything from strays, etc are very slim>

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