Hello, all! Some of you may remember me from years ago when I had "fostered" and then adopted 6 FeLV+ cats and then painfully lost them one by one over a few years.

I moved from MA to NJ 8 years ago, and 4 years ago I started a TNR and rescue program in my town. Having gotten our town under control and to no kill status, we are brancing out a bit to the border towns. We just TNR'd a mother cat and removed the kittens, who were 8 weeks old ,to tame, and the father, who, once trapped, could be handled. The kittens are fine, the mom is fine and back out, but the father tested double positive for FIV/FeLV.

We do not really have anywhere to put him. He is in a fosterer's guest room right now but she is only allowing that fora few weeks. We have FIV+ cats in our foster homes (I have one in mine), but no FeLV or space for them as we are just a few volunteers with foster space in our homes and handle 100+ cats/year. He's a really sweet guy, a bit timid/shy but loves to be pet and brushed. The vet said he's 4-5 years old. We are still just referring to him as "papa cat" and for some reason haven't decided on a name yet.

I realize no one really comes to this list looking to take on more positive cats. But if anyone has space for him, it would be wonderful. The FIV is not so much of an issue for cats with FeLV, as it is a less bad disease. Out of my 6 FeLV+ cats, only one had FIV too and it did not seem to spread (it only spreads through bite wounds) and she actually outlived all the others who only had FeLV (Patches, if anyone remembers).


Michelle L.
Flanders, NJ

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