Hi Beth


            If your Vet knows you are treating, could s/he simply provide a prescription? Mine does, either writes it so I can shop it around, or for some, calls in for the $4 and free pharmacy deals.


            There are places that sell Abx without prescription, but I'm not trusting enough. Places like KVVet Supply, Valley Vet and Jeffers have accredited pharmacies, and the prices are good. I once used a place called VetServ, but don;t know if they are still in business. IIRC, they had their own "staff" vets which somehow were allowed to prescribe long distance without ever seeing the animal. They were expensive, I thought.




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I buy fish antibiotics for my feral cats (my vet knows this).  I only treat minor infections on my own with my vet's guidance.  With infections that require a vet visit, I start conservative treatment until the time the appointment is (which could be up to 3 days away). I buy the 500mg pills.  I always have amoxicillin, keflex and cipro on hand.  I make a suspension out of the pill depending on the strength (in mgs) I need to fit into 1ml of liquid.
Anyways, is there any otc/off labeled brands of augmentin I can get?
Thank you!

On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 4:14 PM, Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote:
Actually I keep the human form, Augmentin, on hand for myself. Then all I
need is a tetanus booster if I get bitten.  If a cat bite swells up I start
myself on Augmenin. I also have Clavamox for the cats, but it is not the
correct strength for humans. I also keep Zithromax and other Abx on hand,
and I get all of them on line without an Rx.


On 06-06, Margo wrote:
> Hi Lorrie,
> Yes, I know, my point was that I always have Clavamox (and other Abx) on
> hand for the critters, so don't feel the need to keep the "human" form :).
> Since I get most of my drugs by the bottle, I often find that what I'm
> giving is actually labeled for human use.
> Margo

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