My rescue trapped PJ, who is not feral but is timid, and he needs a home. He is 
orange and double positive and 4-5 years old. He is in NJ.

Best Friends has, miraculously, agreed to take him, and if we cannot find him a 
home we will send him there within the month. However, he will have to endure 
either being flown by cargo and then driven several hours, or being driven 3-5 
days via ground transport with many different drivers. It's across the country. 
This is hard enough for a negative cat, but I am afraid that level of stress 
for an already timid cat will crash him given his status. Right now, though, it 
is our only option.

So I am writing the list one more time in case there is someone out there 
within a reasonable distance of NJ who would be interested in adopting him. He 
seems fine with other cats. I do not think he will ever be a lap cat, but he 
might. He does love being brushed-- will get up and turn around to get us to 
brush his other side, lol. But he stays in a corner and is scared. 

I can send a picture to anyone interested.


Michelle L.
Flanders, NJ
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