My 11 year old FeLV+, Ember, was diagnosed with a congenital 
peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia after CT scans and a consult between 
a surgeon and a radiologist. 

So far, her symptoms haven't been too scary: rapid breathing (but not open 
mouth breathing or panting) and an odd posture she sometimes assumes where she 
will "stand" with her forelegs and lie down with her back legs. This tells me 
that she might be having some discomfort (one lobe of her liver is involved in 
the hernia). She settles into lying down without problem, and she rests 

The symptoms have only begun in the last few months, as far as I know (Ember 
and I weren't in the same part of the world for almost a year). We'd been 
fearing cancer, so this would seem to be good news.

The surgeon is gung-ho to take care of business, and he has an excellent 
reputation with a lot of experience and education. However, I just spoke to one 
of Ember's two vets about this, and he said, "If she were my cat, I don't think 
I would do it." He's concerned about moving the liver, and more importantly, 
about the surgeon having enough to work with when the hernia is likely 

Has anyone on the list had experience with congenital hernias in cats? I'd 
really like to get some more input before I make a decision.


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