Be kind to yourself and Polli.  Is it humid where you are?  My guys will not go 
outside now because of humidity and the buffalo gnats.  I don't go out because 
of the humidity, I cannot breathe when half of what I breathe in is water, not 
air.  Something like gnats, mosquitos could have something to do withpulling 
out hair.  Could be a reaction to itching.  Just trying to think of what has 
happened to my guys in years past.

---- "Amanda K. Payne" <> wrote: 
> Hi everyone!
> Please send some good energy to my Polli.  She's have a rough few days and
> I'm not sure she'll come out of this.  She was diagnosed with severe anemia
> back at the beginning of March. She rebounded but not completely.
>  Recently, her breathing has become a bit more labored. We also noticed
> she's pulling out her own fur and has some strange lumps on her stomach.
>  I'm really worried that the end is near for her and feel so guilty that I
> couldn't do more. Please keep us in your thoughts.  It's going to be a
> tough few days.
> Best,
> -Amanda
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> "There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge" Bertrand
> Russell

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