HOW is Ember doing?
Is this a congenital thing?

---- Lance <> wrote: 
> My 11 year old FeLV+, Ember, was diagnosed with a congenital 
> peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia after CT scans and a consult 
> between a surgeon and a radiologist. 
> So far, her symptoms haven't been too scary: rapid breathing (but not open 
> mouth breathing or panting) and an odd posture she sometimes assumes where 
> she will "stand" with her forelegs and lie down with her back legs. This 
> tells me that she might be having some discomfort (one lobe of her liver is 
> involved in the hernia). She settles into lying down without problem, and she 
> rests normally. 
> The symptoms have only begun in the last few months, as far as I know (Ember 
> and I weren't in the same part of the world for almost a year). We'd been 
> fearing cancer, so this would seem to be good news.
> The surgeon is gung-ho to take care of business, and he has an excellent 
> reputation with a lot of experience and education. However, I just spoke to 
> one of Ember's two vets about this, and he said, "If she were my cat, I don't 
> think I would do it." He's concerned about moving the liver, and more 
> importantly, about the surgeon having enough to work with when the hernia is 
> likely congenital.
> Has anyone on the list had experience with congenital hernias in cats? I'd 
> really like to get some more input before I make a decision.
> Thanks,
> Lance
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