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hi lorrie what i gave him was convenia yea i know controversial drug he seems to be improving not alot of sneezing or gagging like before still not eating he sleeping alot hasnt slept much the last few days with all the sneezing going on where did you get the doxycycline and he is +felv unable to pill him or spray a little saline up his nose tried and now he ducks away from me thanks for responding

                       Very glad to hear hat Charlie is improving :)
                       While I'm not usually a fan of drugs that are that long-lasting, I'm now admitting they have their place. Monday I picked up a kitten that had had a leg amputated, and was told she'd been given Convenia. I had specified No Metacam, but forgot to include Convenia. I will admit I'm glad not to have to medicate this little Hellion on a daily basis. She may be only two pounds, but it's two pounds of squiggle <g>.
                       I also found there is now a long-acting formm of buprenorphine, Buprenex SR. 72 hours. While I'd likely  want try a single dose to gauge any reaction before giving that, I think it's a great option.
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