Hi Mike,

OK, if you know the bad side of Convenia I won't go into a big disertation
about this :-), but I wondered how you got it unless you are a vet tech.
I buy a of meds on line, but I never saw Convenia. 

Anyway I'm glad Charlie is sneezing less. I got the Doxycycline from
my vet and it cost $58.00 which I thought was an outrageous price but
it worked. A lot of people in the cat groups use compounding pharmacies,
but they do require a prescription from your vet. Will your vet work
with you on this?  I tried the saline spray and my snotty nosed cat
ran and hid everytime she saw me.  Nose drops just didn't work.

Google compounding pharmacies. I believe roadrunner is one of the 

Good luck with Charlie and thank you for taking care of him. I have 
had many FelV + cats who have lived anywhere from 6 months to over
5 years.  It is heartbreaking to see what some of them go through.
How I wish there was a cure for this terrible virus.


On 07-16, michael devitt wrote:
>    hi lorrie what i gave him was convenia yea i know controversial drug he
>    seems to be improving not alot of sneezing or gagging like before still
>    not eating he sleeping alot hasnt slept much the last few days with all
>    the sneezing going on where did you get the doxycycline and he is +felv
>    unable to pill him or spray a little saline up his nose tried and now
>    he ducks away from me thanks for responding

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