I finally was able to join your list and am so excited to be able to check in 
for advice and any questions I might have for my cat Leo.

Some history-
I trapped Leo last summer to TNR for a neighbor who offered to keep/feed him 
outdoors.  He seemed feral, and was an elusive neighborhood stray for about 3 
years prior.  We think we know where he was born, as we rescued kittens that 
were probably younger than him at that time, and they look very similar, from a 
house where the owners moved and left the cats behind. :-(  He has been chased 
out of yards and finally had a yard to call home with this person, but he 
tested positive for FeLV last summer and the neighbor would not commit to more 
in-depth care even though he said he would continue to feed him outdoors in his 

So, I ended up keeping him as an indoor cat,  and he is tame now after housing 
him in a taming cage that I learned about from the feral cat yahoo group.  He 
is afraid of new things, but is very sweet and gentle.
Right now I am keeping him separate from my other 3 indoor cats who are not 
vaccinated for FeLV, and one has some
pretty bad aggression issues

Back on July 19, 2012, he was tested with a snap test for FeLV/FIV/heartworm, 
he tested weak positive for FeLV, neg for the others.
The test used was slightly expired by a few months (was a test kit from our 
rescue group, and I would have liked to have retested that day with a fresh in 
date kit, but I didn't find out results until the end of that day when he was 
wide awake and still assumed to be feral...)

I tried to bring him in a few days after that to a different vet to get 
retested, but the vet clinic shook him out of the carrier and freaked him out 
chasing him around the room, and he bit the tech through a towel and had to be 
quarantined for 10 days for rabies, since his vacc. was less than 10 days old.  
I was so upset wondering if that was the time he could maybe throw the virus 
off, and he would be under so much stress as a feral cat in quarantine.  :-( 

He had to go to a vet again, in Nov, 2012 because I thought he had a urinary 
blockage, but he ended up being OK.  Anyway, this vet retested him because he 
was very cooperative, with a SNAP 2 test (no heartworm), and I asked them to 
use serum, assuming first vet used blood but I was not certain of that at the 
time.  It was positive again.

So, now it's a year later, he is seemingly healthy, teeth look good, good 
appetite, he is about 4 years old.  
I am wanting to do an IFA test.   Do you think that he could still be negative 
after this long?

At his check up yesterday, he received a Rabies Purevax vaccine, and I haven't 
done an FVRCP booster yet.  He had one FVRCP last summer.  The vet suggested 
adding Lysine powder, so I have that now, and she mentioned that they can add 
Interferon to ringers solution and that one bag would last a long time, haven't 
done that yet.

Just would love to get some thoughts on retesting and Interferon.  Also, he 
initially was said to have a grade 3 heart murmur while under anesthesia for 
his neuter, but it hasn't been heard since...

So, with 2 positive SNAP tests (first one with slightly expired test kit)- is a 
neg. IFA still a possibility?
Do you give FVRCP vacc. to your cats?  
Thoughts on using Lysine and Interferon?

Thanks so much!

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