Yes, I have gone online (she has no computer, can't afford to buy one) and 
looked into the Pet Food Stamps program but since Karen has a job and is single 
she is not eligible. I seems like you have to be totally down and out to get 
any help, especially for animals. I can't get Medicaid because I am regularly 
paying a mortgage on a house and I desperately need dental work. So there you 
have it. The great American dream for those of us who actually are doing the 
right thing has turned into a nightmare. Can anyone help Karen with a donation 
of a gift card from a pet food supply store? That way she could save some of 
her hard earned money to make a down payment on something that she can drive to 
work and to her cat colonies every day, like she used to. She had just paid off 
the car she had when the transmission cracked. She didn't have air conditioning 
either and the windows stopped functioning. Needed another car even before the 
transmission went belly up.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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