Sure would be nice if one of us could win a couple of million.  I would even 
take in dumped children if I could. But the law won't let me do that and on SS, 
I barely keep myself and 6 cats going.  Seems the rich get richer and animal 
lovers get poorer.  

---- Heather <> wrote: 
> I can sure empathize with your friend, my bf and I care for over 20
> colonies.  The rescue bills over the years have taken any credit we can
> find, we have no money for a home (health/dental etc) for ourselves, and
> our daily lives completely hinge on the weather and our colonies, not to
> mention work, TNR and the tons of rescue that goes with all of this.  We
> just this week had a litter of kittens dumped at one of our spots (an
> obvious dumping as opposed to "wandered up" kittens--all the cats are
> fixed) with one kitten needing a blood transfusion, and already had several
> kittens in rescue.
> So I can absolutely relate...I'm not familliar with any Texas groups other
> than ShadowCats, but hope perhaps there is a group that gets damaged goods
> from grocery stores that could help with food?  We used to get that though
> haven't in about a year, it was through a rescue group so I can't offer any
> pointers on how to find that but it's certainly worth inquiring with any
> group she can find.
> If they have good low-cost TNR clinics there, she should check with them
> and any shelters that support TNR and might have a food bank.  Our Humane
> Society has a food bank for needy people with pets and will allow
> caretakers in need to draw upon this a bit, if they have sufficient stock.
> If I think of any ideas I will post, please let your friend know there are
> others out there in similar dire straits--not much consolation, I know!
> Thank you for trying to help her, I hope support is found.
> Heather
> On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 1:36 AM, Lee Evans <> wrote:
> > This is probably not allowed on this list but I can't just stand by and
> > see my friend Karen suffer. She has been feeding about 16 outdoor colonies.
> > She watches over the health and welfare of these cats as if they were her
> > own house cats. Recently, she has had a really bad run of luck. She rescued
> > a cat who needed over $1,000 dollars in eye surgery. i have him now and the
> > surgery saved his one remaining eye. Otherwise, he would have been a
> > totally blind cat. She also rescued a cat who was bone thin and  combo
> > tested positive for both FIV and FeLv cat. She spent several hundred
> > dollars curing him of mange and anemia. I fostered the cat and he turned
> > negative for FeLv. He's now in my FIV room with 4 other FIV+ cats. Karen
> > has rescued and found homes for over a hundred hard case cats, including 3
> > FeLv+ cats who did not turn. One of them is still alive and enjoying life
> > as a healthy pampered puss with a lovely lady. The cat is over  6 years old
> > now. Karen works an 8 hour a day job. The trouble is that she spends all
> > her pay on feeding the colony cats and her three remaining indoor cats. She
> > has spent over $1,000 for a cat she rescued and took into her own house and
> > who after a year, developed a malignant tumor in her ear canal. The cat
> > lived with it for several months, on medication and vitamins until she
> > passed away suddenly one afternoon. And now, another disaster has hit my
> > friend. He car died. She has been relying on friends and neighbors to get
> > her to work but she is struggling with the cat colony feeding and is
> > running out of money to feed them and even to buy her own food. She needs
> > help and there is very little available in San Antonio where we both live.
> > I am almost at the poverty level myself, with an online job that pays
> > sporadically and two other jobs which are exhausting because they involve a
> > lot of driving and delivering so I can't help Karen financially. I have
> > over 3 dozen cats of my own to deal with. Karen spends more than $70 a week
> > every week. At that rate she will never be able to replace her car, even
> > with a junker.  Is there any help out there for Karen before she goes
> > under? I was thinking that if people could donate pet food gift cards to
> > her that would help alleviate some of the expense of feeding the colonies.
> > One person has already done this by calling Petsmart and purchasing a gift
> > card over the phone with his credit card. He then notified Karen that he
> > had done this and the next time she went to the store, they told her she
> > had a gift card credit. I think that all pet food stores have this system
> > now. Anyway, if you are able to help, even a few dollars would be a
> > blessing. I'm sorry to bother the list with this problem as we are all
> > struggling with vet bills for our special needs cats but I am watching my
> > friend get more and more depressed and desperate every day and I can't just
> > stand by and do nothing. Lots of cats are depending on her for their very
> > lives. Thanks for reading this long post. Contact me off list if you can
> > help.
> >
> > Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
> > neighbors too!
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