With fluid only in Charles' chest I'd think FIP less likely, but this should help with evaluating what kind of testing might be in order.




                I have been given an "FIP diagnosis" more times than I care to remember, and it was never found to be accurate on necropsy. It is out there, but diagnosing it is very tough, and the symptoms are so nebulous and easily attributable to other things, that I now focus on what _else_ I may be dealing with, that may respond to treatment. In addition to lymphoma, chylothorax is another condition which results in the accumulation of thoracic fluid, and can be treated, and even resolved. There was a recent thread about that, I'll see if I can find out which list had it, and link.






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I am sorry to say wet FIP is another possible cause of fluid in the chest.  There is no definitive test but there are suggestive bloodwork results, also if fluid can be tapped off, it can be examined.  FIP fluid is typically yellowish and sticky.  A Rivalta test can also be done on the fluid.  there is no cure or effective treatment for wet FIP, although the slower moving dry FIP form has been successfully treated with polyprenyl immunostimulant (PI).  Neither form is contagious, as FIP is believed to arise independently when a cat infected with the common and otherwise mild coronavirus has the virus mutate for unknown reasons.  FELV+ cats are apparently more susceptible to the mutations and thus FIP.

I lost my 7 month old FELV+ Smokey to abdominal wet FIP in a matter of days, just as he was beating a bad URI with help of interferon omega and PI.  The swelling made him very uncomfortable so we let him go.


On Saturday, August 10, 2013, Marci Greer <frecklescras...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We took Charles (felv+) to the vet this morning and they did an xray of his chest, their is a lot of fluid in his chest cavity, she said it
> could possibly be a tumor. She gave him a shot of cortisone and a shot of Lasix, sent us home with Lasix pills as well.  I am hoping that
> the Lasix gets rid of all of the fluid and hopefully we can by some time if it is a tumor.  If anyone has any advise or thoughts....I don't want
> to loose one of our babies.

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