has chapperal and neem in it, are you sure it is th same?  Also this does not 
go by that name.

---- Lee Evans <moonsiste...@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> It's called Neoplasene for cancer. It does work some of the time but it did 
> not work on Puss-Puss because her cancer was too advanced I think. She had a 
> tumor that was coming from her hock bone. She didn't seem to mind the liquid 
> though. My friend actually tasted a bit of it to see if it was horrendous but 
> it wasn't. Her cat had an ear tumor but eventually died in spite of the 
> Neoplasene. But it's probably good for squamous cell carcinoma on the surface 
> of the skin.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 6:04 PM
>Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Charles & fluid
>I have been involved with Lil Bit lately, so may have missed something.  I am 
>on a cancer group and am using the black salve on my leg to get rid of a 
>Lymphoma and taking a tonic.  This stuff seems to cure just about everything.  
>It is bitter, but many of the members swear by it.  Could be it could help 
>Charles. I use a 3ml syringe and shoot it into he side of her mouth and then 
>stroke her throat to make her swallow it.  If you would like, I could 
>recommend you for membership.
>---- Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote: 
>> Hi Marci,
>> Depending on his condition, meaning if this fluid is going 
>> to keep filling his lungs, you may have to continue using the
>> lasix for the rest of his life.  Your vet will know and meanwhile
>> keep a close eye on him.  I am so glad he is better for now.
>> Lorrie
>> On 08-12, Marci Greer wrote:
>> >     Hi everyone,
>> > 
>> >    Thanks so much for all your thoughts! Charles is slowly improving, his
>> >    breathing is a lot better, he is still "slow" walking and moving
>> >    around, I would say that is expected. We will do more x-rays when the
>> >    fluid is hopefully gone to see more, and blood work.  Does anyone have
>> >    any idea how long the fluid should take to get out? I guess it would
>> >    depend on how much fluid there is?  It is hard to see him so slow and
>> >    grouchy! But on a positive note, when I was making his food to hide his
>> >    pill in, he was rubbing on me, he was also trying to get in the
>> >    refrigerator! Ha! Thanks again everyone so much!
>> > 
>> >    Thanks
>> >    Marci, Allyn & Charles
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