How does a human use Genetian violet for RW, internally or topically?

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> I'm on Digest version of this list, and it's not easy to reply... but I 
> learned about Gentian Violet when I was a kid, and it worked great for 
> ringworm - mine was on my hand.  I've since used it on cats when appropriate 
> and it worked.  I generally use Golden Seal tincture (from the health food 
> store, about $8), as it works well and isn't purple.  But have used Malaseb 
> shampoo and it worked well. I don't use Grisiofulvin since it's systemic, 
> unless it's a bad case of ringworm - has a Persian like that so did use the 
> Grisiofulvin.
> I read up on Advantage Multi a while back, and didn't like some of the 
> reports of it - so I never use Advantage Multi.
> Cheers,
> Gloria
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>>>>> Hi felv friends, 
>>>>> I was away from emails for several days, so I am not sure whether bathing 
>>>>> options has been mentioned in this thread about ringworm. If they been 
>>>>> mentioned, please skip this email. If not, here they are: 
>>>>> I know 2 shampoos can eliminate ringworm very effectively by just bathing 
>>>>> the cat (or just his/her infected area) twice a week.  
>>>>> 1. Malaseb shampoo: it contains 2% Miconazole which can treat ringworm 
>>>>> very effectively. It is available on Amazon. 
>>>>> 2. Nizoral Shampoo: it is a human dandruff shampoo made with 
>>>>> Ketoconazole. The 1% version can be obtained in drug stores. Although 
>>>>> taking Ketoconazole by mouth could make cat lethargy, such side effect is 
>>>>> less seen when only using it by bathing as far as I know. There is also a 
>>>>> pet version of 2% Ketoconazole shampoo, but you will need a prescription 
>>>>> to get that. 
>>>>> hope it helps.
>>>>> catherine
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