2 things I can think of right away, does he get enough water and try some apple 
cider vinegar, not th ovcer processed stuff, get Bragg's, shake it up and add a 
few drops to his water.
I have gone thru this with both males and females.  Doesn't always work, 
sometimes I get it started too late.  Try a good food (Blue Buffalo or 
Wellness) and add 1 can of warm water to each can.  This way he gets enough 
water and the warm water makes it smell more to entice him to eat.
Time to get back to the vet.

---- Bonnie Hogue <ho...@sonic.net> wrote: 
> Poor Lucky.  He had a bad u.t.i. about 10 days ago.  Went to the vet;
> crystals in urine (it's happened before, in fact he had surgery to widen the
> urethra).  Vet prescribed antibiotics (he just finished them today).  Also a
> pill called "Uroeze" to help keep crystals from forming (3x daily!).  But he
> is still having problems - pee spots around the house, he's restless, just
> tried to pee in the box but nothing.  I feel so badly for him -- he must be
> uncomfortable.  And he looks at me a meows!  I hate to just run to the vet
> (it stresses Lucky, he pants on the way home), but don't know what to do.
> He won't eat the CD food designed to reduce whatever causes the crystals.
> Any ideas?  I'd sure appreciate it, and so would Lucky!
> Thanks
> Bonnie

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