No. That was misleading. The feathers are used in hypo-allergenic dog food. The feathers are highly processed to assure the bio-availability of the protein, but it still would not be my first choice.

                Were your Grandmother's feathers a garnish, or were you expected to eat them? I guess you did know it was fresh and "locally grown" <VBG>


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Did someone mention that Royal Canin grinds up chicken feathers as the protein source in their very expensive cat food? Sheesh! Well, it can't be too bad. My grandmother used to have a liberal topping of chicken feathers in her chicken soup throughout my childhood. The cats didn't seem to mind it.

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And Lord knows, I do not need any more fat!

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> Completely Funny!!  LOL!  ;-)
> But the Politician Plate would be waaaay too fatty!

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> Yum! And the choices for Population Control Pate can be Burglar Beef in
> Gravy, Rapist Shreds and  WifeBeater Bits all formulated for nutritional
> balance by Friskems Criminal Cat Food Company. And for the fat cat who
> really loves Premium Food at a high price, you can have Politician Pate and
> Pork Barrel Pork.


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