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>You are a good, caring and compassionate person. I don't feel that FeLv is as 
>contagious as vets try to panic us into thinking. I had two cats mixed in with 
>8 others. They all lived together in cat harmony for many years, grooming each 
>other, eating, drinking together and using the same litter boxes. They lived 
>in love and happiness. Then Tiger and Twerp became ill. They were very old, 
>around 15 years. I had had them tested twice throughout their lifetime when 
>each had come down with a very stubborn URI. But they had tested negative both 
>times. At the end of their days, I had them tested again to see if they were 
>not suffering from old age but from something I could possibly treat. Along 
>with the fact that they both had renal failure, they both tested positive for 
>FeLv. Probably, the virus was dormant in the bone marrow all those years but 
>when their immune system began to break down and their kidneys were failing, 
>the virus took hold also. They passed
 away quietly within hours of each other. The other 8 cats who had been living 
with them tested negative for everything and all died of old age and renal 
failure. I don't know when Tiger and Twerp became actively FeLv+ but it doesn't 
matter. It shows that even with such close interaction, the cats that did not 
test positive still did not test positive. However, I do not mix positive-for- 
leukemia cats with my regular group. Right now all the cats who are with me are 
either negative or turned. However, I do have a few little marshmallows who are 
FIV+ mixed into the group because they don't fight. I also have a small FIV 
"shelter", a detached building of one large room and a wire-enclosed porch for 
four FIV+ cats who have a bit of an attitude and are not to be trusted to keep 
a friendly discussion friendly.
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>>I lost a cat to FL in the 90's. After that I panicked and faithfully 
>>vaccinated my next five cats every year. Then I
 rescued another FL cat. 
>>Separated him from the others while he was symptomatic. He threw off the 
>>virus. As fate would have it, other rescues came to my door. I couldn't 
>>afford to have them all tested and vaccinated. (13).  All my cats mingle 
>>together and non gets sick. I don't even bother to have my rescues 
>>tested because I know that I would never put them down anyway. I was 
>>encouraged by a women I met years ago who mixed negatives and positves 
>>with good results. When my one FL cat has had symptoms (only twice in 4 
>>years) I isolate and treat him until he gets better. I am fastidious 
>>about clean bowls and water. God is taking care of them and me. If you 
>>have the money and you have only a few, get what ever treatment/tests 
>>are available. But I wouldn't stress over the testing. My Pookie will 
>>always test positive because he carries the disease in his system. But 
>>he is healthy as can be otherwise. I
 finally decided when my Lucy was 13 
>>(she's 17 now). to stop vaccinating her. If they don't have enough 
>>antibodies built up by then, they never will!  Maybe I am lucky, or just 
>>stupid, but I couldn't let an animal die form a lack of a home.
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