Annie and Nitnoy were both positive.  Nitnoy passed from other causes after 2 
years.  Annie is still with me and the other 5 remaining cats.  She is healthy 
and the others get their vaccine for FELV.  They eat, sleep and drink together 
and no one else has become positive.  Let them mix unless they want to fight 
each other.  Mine squable, slapping and hissing and that is alright.

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> I would get the IFA done on Moe. More than likely at this point it will come 
> up positive.
If you have 2 cats with a positive IFA there is not way they are going to throw 
off the virus & could be together.


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Thank you to everyone who responded - let me just clarify something.   

The ELISA testing that was done on Moe (2.5 year old, tested a year apart) was 
NOT the SNAP test done in office, but it was done at an outside lab, Antech 

Baby, the 4-5 month old, was both SNAP tested and IFA tested.

So, does that change any recommendations?  One vet says that they can be put 
together.  The other vet says that to be sure, we should wait another month, 
and switch the testing on them.  Sigh......I am more confused than before if 
that is possible.

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I'm confused and hope people can help me to understand this.

I have two cats who have tested positive for felv.  One, Moe has tested 
positive twice on the ELISA, and the tests were done a year apart.  Baby, has 
tested positive both on a SNAP and an IFA test - done two months apart.  
Different vets were used.

They have been kept separate, both from each other and our negative cats.

So, the question is can they be safely introduced to each other?  Do I need Moe 
to be retested using the IFA?  Do I need Baby retested using the ELISA?

Please, any light that can be shed on this will be incredibly helpful.  Thank 
you so much!

Leslie & the furballs

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