loosing weight and vomiting - could this be thyroid problem?  has the vet 
checked for this.  Went thru this with Shallimar and Tiger who were borther and 
sister when they wer around 13.  

---- Heather <furrygi...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> I am in Tampa and a friend who adopted a very special FIV+ kitty from us 2
> years ago is afraid she is losing him, tests are showing nothing and she is
> having a terrible time with the vets.  Can anyone recommend a good vet for
> a very sick FIV+ kitty in the Los Angeles area?
> His main symptom is just extreme weight loss and constant vomiting.  B/w,
> xray and ultrasounds have been unremarkable--I have warned her about HL and
> the need to force feed.
> Thank you for any suggestions!!
> Heather

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