Forgot to say - Krammer has an appointment for Monday morning with his
usual vet, but I could take him tomorrow if needed. I am not sure how
urgent it is.

On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 10:44 AM, Katherine K. <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I just noticed my 10 year old FeLV cat, Krammer, has uneven pupils. He had
> a winky/weepy eye a couple of weeks ago for a few days, where he had some
> drainage and one eye was squinty with a smaller pupil. It cleared up on
> it's own after a few days (I give him lysine). A day or two ago it came
> back, this time the other eye (if I recall correctly). The affected eye is
> squinty, third eyelid shows a little, and one pupil is small while the
> other pupil looks normal.  I'm not sure if this is just a herpes flare up,
> or something else. He first tested positive about 6 months ago. I found the
> term anisocoria while searching this list archives. Gonna research a
> little more.
> Second question:
> One of my 8 month old FeLV kittens, Shmoo, began having what I would call
> labored or heavy breathing 2 days ago. I can see his sides and nose moving
> as he breathes. He is a little less active, and last night he
> coughed/wheezed a little and his paw pads, usually pink (he's a white cat),
> looked slightly purple, like he's not getting enough oxygen. He looked pink
> again this morning. Gonna take him in, but wanted to mention it here too in
> case anyone has input.
> Thanks,
> Katherine
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