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On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 6:24 PM, Katherine K. wrote:

We tapped Shmoo's lungs last night for fluid. Drew out about 90ml total. He had a rough night coming off the anesthesia but was better this morning. Still a little labored in breathing but not as bad as before the tap and I
was so glad to see him purring and stretching happily. But he mostly
relaxed/laid around today, unlike his 2 active siblings. Vet said the fluid will likely refill in a few days so we just spend as much time with him as we can while we wait. I'm unable to search the archives right now but isn't there anything else I can do to make the fluid stop? Didn't expect to lose
another one so soon after Terence. He's so innocent.


On Friday, December 20, 2013, Lance wrote:

Anisocoria can be an indicator of FeLV presence, though I don’t think it indicates progression of the disease in any way that we know about. Ember developed anisocoria almost five years ago, when she was seven. I haven’t taken her to a specialist, but we ruled out toxo. At times, the vet has thought that the pupil has gotten a bit smaller, but I’ve never seen a real


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Hi everyone,

I just noticed my 10 year old FeLV cat, Krammer, has uneven pupils. He had a winky/weepy eye a couple of weeks ago for a few days, where he had some drainage and one eye was squinty with a smaller pupil. It cleared up on it's own after a few days (I give him lysine). A day or two ago it came back, this time the other eye (if I recall correctly). The affected eye is squinty, third eyelid shows a little, and one pupil is small while the other pupil looks normal. I'm not sure if this is just a herpes flare up, or something else. He first tested positive about 6 months ago. I found the
term anisocoria while searching this list archives. Gonna research a
little more.

Second question:
One of my 8 month old FeLV kittens, Shmoo, began having what I would call labored or heavy breathing 2 days ago. I can see his sides and nose moving
as he breathes. He is a little less active, and last night he
coughed/wheezed a little and his paw pads, usually pink (he's a white cat), looked slightly purple, like he's not getting enough oxygen. He looked pink again this morning. Gonna take him in, but wanted to mention it here too in
case anyone has input.

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