Praying for your babies health.

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Turns out it does not look like FIP, looks like hemolytic anemia, where he is killing off his own red blood cells, and the vet simply did not keep him on a high enough dose of immune-suppressants so he crashed again. Now he is really bad. I don't know what his chances are at this point, but I do not think they are good, though the vets say he can turn around. He just got a transfusion and they are starting him on cyclosporine, a stronger immune suppressant. And doxycycline.

Please send him prayers. He is FIV+, not FeLV+, though he has had as many issues as my FeLV cats did. I got back on this list looking for feline interferon, which I don't need, but one thing I know this list is good for is prayers. Please pray it's a good Christmas for Bear and he responds well to the transfusion and the cyclosporine.

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