lI think those are the two most important things we can do for them, lots of 
love and keep the stress down.  Stress as in humans, causes so many things.  My 
Anney never tested positive with her 1st owner, just after Katy's death and 
being shuffled from here to there and have no real love and attention during 
Kathy's illness.  She is still having trouble adjusting to NOT being the only 
cat in the house and takes a lot of loving.

---- Amy <> wrote: 
> First of all,  I'm so sorry about your loss of Yang.  I've been through it so 
> many times and it NEVER gets any easier.

The good news is that I have two adults, 10 and 11, that have had leukemia 
since I got them, almost 10 years ago.  They have been healthy all along.  I've 
had my share of ones that made it less than 2 years and some that made it 4 or 
5 years.  You never really know.  Just take it one day at a time and cherish 
every minute. 

We don't do anything special here.  We tried lots of stuff at the beginning but 
it never seemed to help for us.  I just try to keep stress levels low and love 
them and that seems to work :)

Best of luck.  Hope you have many years with Merlot.


 From: Maya D'Alessio <>
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2014 3:12 PM
Subject: [Felvtalk] Just tested positive

Hello everyone,

My cat Merlot, just tested positive for FeLV yesterday afternoon.  We had him 
tested, because my three year old cat Yang (female) started acting ill at the 
end of June, the next morning I took her in to the vets and we discovered she 
was anemic, jaundiced and had a high fever.  They checked her blood levels and 
found she was anemic (about 13, vs 26 in a healthy cat).  She stayed at the vet 
during the day  and her blood levels didn't get any worse, and our vet was 
optimistic.  They transferred her over to the emergency clinic which was open 
all evening and in to the weekend.  They monitored her overnight and her red 
blood cells decreased, her fever lowered but she went past normal to too cold.  
That morning the blood tests came back and she was positive for FeLV.  We were 
shocked.  Even worse was that her detailed blood work showed no uptick in blood 
cell production, where she should have increased production, she actually had 
almost no
>  production.  We then got to see her before we had to put her down.  That was 
> the hardest day of my life.

Now, with Merlot testing positive I am terrified of losing him so quickly, and 
I am still grieving for Yang.  I know the statistics are not great for long 
term prognosis, but he is currently healthy (just a tiny bit of gingivitis - we 
are going to start brushing his teeth).  What can I do to keep him healthy?  
How do I live with him everyday without starting to grieve him already?  I know 
we all are going to die someday, but this just feels like it is going to hang 
over me.  I am still doing reading on the disease and newer treatments and 
such, but do these all start after the cat becomes noticeably ill, or are there 
things I can be doing now to help keep him healthy?  Are probiotics helpful in 
this case?

For those who have or have had a healthy FeLV cat, how long did they stay 
healthy for?


Maya D'Alessio

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