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I have noticed that most ferals turn into cuddlebugs.  I have noticed that they 
are the most anxious when you leave home.  It seems they have found a good hoe 
and person and don't want to loose them.

They also don't tolerate being boarded. BT was an old feral tom who lived a hard life before I saved him from a catfight battle wound that would have killed him. I visited with him every day in the hospital, and they said his demeanor was totally different when I was there. After he recovered and was well enough, he was neutered, and lived in my house under construction, where he enjoyed climbing up in the rafters, hunting mice, or curling up on a heated mat or a soft cat bed. He had kibble to eat whenever he wanted, and I would bring him canned food each day when I visited, and he would cuddle on my lap or stomach and purr for an hour.

Then came the day I had to board BT for a few days while the house was being insulated. The stress pushed his fragile internal system over the edge. He had hemobart on top of barely functioning kidneys and poor heart function, and soon developed a bad heart murmur. When they brought him to me for a visit in a room, he was developing pulmonary edema and was having trouble breathing. They gave him oxygen while we waited for the vet to come examine him. There was no saving him this time. He probably would not have lived a whole lot longer even had he not been boarded. After I got the results from the necropsy, I would guess he would have had only a few months. But the stress from being boarded greatly accelerated his journey to life's end.

BT was OK with the guys that were working on the house, and I saw him rub against one of their legs and enjoy some pets. Most of the time he would watch them work from the rafters. I was going to keep him in a 10' x 10' kennel outside the house during the insulation phase, but the clear tarps that protected from rain and wind would still flap or vibrate in the wind, and frightened BT. I thougt it was pretty nice out there with 2 dog houses, donut bed in one, blanket in another, lounge chair, picnic bench, but BT seemed upset, so I made the mistake of boarding him.


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