Dear Sirs,
I am begging for help for my feline leukemia and aids diagnosed 4yr old female 
cat. I need to buy lymphocyte t cell monomodulator vials. She is only 
experiencing an upper respiratory infection at this point. She eats, and does 
not seem to be in the latent stage. My girlfriend is a vet assistant. She can 
subcutaneously inject her. After the first 3 injections, I will have her blood 
monitored. Is there any possibility of purchasing this medication? I can not 
afford to have the primary vet purchase and administer the medication. I am 
disabled, not employed, and receive $1400.00 a month. Please help me.. I need 
to have the medication administered as soon as possible. I don't want her to 
die or suffer.

Lori Wiesenthal
16 Lincoln Pl.
Moonachie, NJ 07074
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