I have homed a few blind cats.it shoud not be a problem giving this blind cat a 
home you just have to put litter,food water always in the same place.they will 
get so used to the house you will some times think they are not blind. 

"Katherine K." <kaths...@gmail.com> wrote:

>Does anyone have experience with a blind FeLV+ cat? There is one near me
>who needs a home, so I am considering him. I think he is about 1-2 years
>old. I believe his blindness comes from a viral infection. I do not have
>stairs in my home, and I have been told he is littertrained. I plan to
>start him out in one room.
>I'm also concerned about stressing my 12 yo positive cat. He likes other
>cats, but I don't know how sensitive his immune system will be to a change
>in the household and would hate to cause him to have a health relapse due
>to introducing a new cat. On the other hand, I know how hard it is to
>rehome a positive cat, and since I already have a positive household, I
>feel like I should be open to helping other positives.
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