My FeLV+ cat Harley has been alone since his buddy Milkdud died May 20. I have seen many FIV+ cats up for adoption during that time, but there haven't been any local FeLV positives. I found one at a shelter nearly 2 hours away and brought him home yesterday. He is currently in an isolation cage up on a table. The shelter only tested him once, with a Snap/ELISA test. I probably should have waited until Monday and paid for their local vet to do an IFA, but he is here now. I'll call my vet 1st thing in the morning to get him in for a new test. The new boy's name is Brock, and he is all black, about 3 years old.

Harley is fascinated by the new boy, but a tad jealous, and maybe even upset that it wasn't Milkdud. While I was getting Brock's crate situated in the isolation cage, Harley snatched Brock's mouse toy and ran off with it. Poor Brock never even got to play with it! But the shelter said he doesn't play much, preferring to be petted and held. That could be an issue when Brock is released from the cage, if he ignores Harley's attempt to play and climbs in my arms instead. In the meantime, I am giving Harley lots of extra attention and playing with him.


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