For just pain, you might want to try Buprenex. It's what is given to cats after 
surgery, to keep cats comfortable. Moses, who was very old and suffering from a 
tumor in his ear extended to his mouth was given the injection form to keep him 
comfortable over three days to see if an experimental treatment of an 
anti-biotic and cortisone combination would reduce the tumor. Unfortunately it 
did not but at least Moses was free of pain. He slept most of the three days 
until I could get him back to the vet and have him helped to pass on. However, 
in very small doses, it may help control Kitty's arthritic pain. But I would 
suggest that you ask your vet about the side effects or Google it online. Most 
of the cats I have had on Buprenex were on it short term for spay or neuter 
pain, or for a longer but limited time for pain associated with surgery for 
broken limbs, and various mishaps that occurred with outside cats that I 
rescued. It does make the cats drowsy but
 maybe in small doses it will give Kitty relief from pain without turning her 
into Sleeping Beauty.   

On Friday, October 24, 2014 8:58 AM, Lance <> wrote:

>Hi all,
>This has nothing to do with FeLV, but the community is so knowledgeable about 
>so many things feline that I wanted to ask. 
>I have a friend who has a 16 year old cat with arthritis. The vet had my 
>friend feel Kitty’s knees, and one is really knobby and arthritic. Kitty gets 
>around just fine, but she’s stiff and has a hard time jumping.
>The vet prescribed Metacam. I think the dose is 1.5 mg/ml or .15 mL per day. I 
>warned my friend about Metacam, and she started looking into it. She’s now 
>reluctant to use it, especially since Kitty had a minor kidney issue in the 
>My friend knows about glucosamine and chondroitin, but these won’t really help 
>with the pain. Does anyone know of alternatives for arthritic pain? Has anyone 
>used Metacam to treat cats with arthritis? 
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