NO! do do Neuter him! the stress of hormones on his body is more
suppressing to his immune system that is already very low due to the virus.
Im working with the rescue and vets i can provide vet email you can ask her
opinion. I do have 3 of the 6 m old that are Positive , they need to be
kept inside because there immune system may not fight off all sicknesses
that they may catch outdoor even tho they got all the vacc that is
recommended. email me for any questions.

Thank you

Marta Makowski

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 9:57 AM, Debi Kraal <> wrote:

> I have a male 6 month old Felv + kitty.  He's been to the vet for all the
> appropriate vaccines.  I have 2 other cats.  They’re all indoor/outdoor
> cats.  Where ever they want to be is good with us.  We have a large lot, 4
> acres, trees, mice, all things wonderful for cats.  My concern is that my
> vet did not want to neuter, “Bean”.  He said there is some evidence that
> the extra testosterone my help with the leukemia.  I have never had a
> non-neutered, spayed pet,  I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable with this.  Has
> anyone heard of this testosterone evidence?
> Debi
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